DinshahColorTherapy.com is is dedicated to helping you learn more about Spectro-Chrome Therapy as developed by Dinshah P. Ghadiali (whose work is now continued by his son, Darius) and how it can benefit your life and well-being.

There are three main purposes for this website:

  1. To Share Experiences: A space for all those who would like to post and share their thoughts and experiences with Spectro-Chrome.
  2. To Answer Questions: Many new users have countless questions and we hope to encourage dialogue through the comment areas of this website.
  3. To Inform: We also hope to provide education and information about these valuable techniques and methods so that more people can learn about and understand them.

We invite you to discover Spectro-Chrome, share your experiences with us (on the Leave a Comment page) and add this enriching color experience to your life.

If you have questions, please ask it in the comment field of the Frequently Asked Questions page or use the Contact Form on the Contact page to reach us.

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