The In-Between Colors

Sometimes its appropriate to use a color in between two standard colors. For instance, if Orange seems too powerful, but Yellow might not have enough “kick,” then a color “in-between” might be just right.

There are five in-between color combinations and their names explain what their respective combinations are. They are meant to be used as exceptions, rather than the rule, but are handy to keep in mind, if needed.

They can also be used if doing a front and back tonation at once and you don’t have the exact color for the back. In that case, selecting the closest in-between color would be fine.

Here are the in between color combinations:

  • Red-Orange
  • Lemon-Green
  • Turquoise-Blue
  • Orange-Yellow
  • Green-Turquoise
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  1. daniel r caines says:

    I would like to learn more about light therapy sounds interesting

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