image by Janet Burgess

Here are the attributes of Spectro-Chrome scarlet, according to “Let There Be Light” by Darius Dinshah:

  • Kidney and adrenal stimulant, area #18
  • General stimulant. Increases functional activity of the arteries.
  • Raises blood pressure by three effects:
    • Constricts the blood vessels (vasoconstrictor)
    • Increases heart rate, areas #4-5
    • Stimulates activity of the kidneys and adrenals, area #18; and the chromaffin system, systemic front and back.
  • Accelerates fetal expulsion at time of delivery (ecbolic).
  • Emotional stimulant. Builds sex powers by increasing sensitivity and desire when deficient (aphrodisiac).
  • Stimulates the reproductive system, and menstrual function (emmenagogue).
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