Turquoise is a combination of green and blue and has some of the governing and cleansing power of Green and some of the fever controlling ability from Blue. Because of that, Turquoise is great for recent (acute) disorders with little or moderate fever. If the fever should rise, try blue.

Turquoise is one of the colors used in systemic tonations, in the same way Green and Lemon are.

Here are the attributes of Spectro-Chrome turquoise, according to “Let There Be Light” by Darius Dinshah:

  • Produces a favorable change in the processes of nutrition and repair in recent disorders (acute alterative)
  • Brain depressant, areas #1-5
  • Skin tonic. Rebuilds burned skin (antipyrotic)
  • Equilibrator after extended use of infra-Green tonations
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  1. colorlight says:

    I burned by right foot when I accidentally tripped into a campfire with bare feet. By that night I had massive blisters about the size of ½ lemons all over my foot and could not step on it.

    My wife set up turquoise light to shine on my foot all night long and I stuck my foot out of the covers, under the light, for over a week. The blisters went down in size every day. Within a week the blisters had dried up and pealed off leaving fresh new skin underneath. I never had any scarring.

    Ruben James

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